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Water Theft and Unauthorized Water Sales for Industrial Use

DID YOU KNOW taking or selling of water for industrial use without a permit is illegal? The increasing need for water to serve the oil and gas industry has increased the temptation to take or sell where it is readily available.


BISMARCK, ND – Criminal charges have been filed against a Mountrail county truck driver accused of illegally dumping oil drilling waste.

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Bowman County Development Corporation Creates Impact on Community

Organizations are measured in a variety of ways, a successful event or fundraiser, support of the community, or monetary success. In 2013, the Bowman County Development Corporation (BCDC) decided to explore one tangible way to demonstrate the impact felt through its available programs and services.

BCDC Applies for Rural Business Enterprise Grant

The Bowman County Development Corporation (BCDC) applied for a Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) from Rural Development an agency of the USDA. The grant application amount was $50,000 and would be used to conduct a feasibility study on the Sears Building. ABLE, Inc. is interested in expanding their retail operations and feels the Sears Building would be a perfect fit....

Winter 2014 Economy at a Glance

A quick look at key indicators of the Economy of Bowman County.

Leadership Development Continues in Bowman County

The Short Course has wrapped after 5 sessions, but leadership development, growth and encouragement is far from coming to an end.

Annual Meeting of the Bowman County Development Corporation Held

The Annual Meeting of the Bowman County Development Corporation was held on February 26th. Highlights, reports, and goals for 2014 were shared with the attendees.

BCDC Winter 2014 Pulse

The Bowman County Development Corporation strives to work towards achieving the goals laid out in our communities’ strategic plans and provide service to our county on a large scale and within our daily operations. Here are a few things we have been focused on.

Put Your Money Where Your House Is

Do you ever consider what happens to your money once you spend it? For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in the local economy, and $32 leaves, in comparison to spending $100 at an out-of-area business where nothing is contributed to the local economy.

Tourism in Bowman County

Tourism promotion and pass through visitor services were two strategies selected during the Bowman County Vision West Planning Session. The BCDC believes that it is important to improve the services we offer to our visitors and encourage them to utilize the businesses in our communities.

CO2 flooding coming to southwest ND

Carbon dioxide flooding, a tertiary method for recovering oil, is coming to North Dakota for the first time ever by way of Bowman County.

Bowman's $14M dollar airport project to continue

Like much of western North Dakota, the city of Bowman is growing.

Southwest ND small towns see boost from oil development

Dickinson isn’t the only southwest North Dakota city to see the benefits of the oil boom.

ND senators, Canadians meet about Keystone XL pipeline

- How about we get this pipeline approved, eh?

Bowman braces for the boom

During a recent summer day on the prairie in southwest North Dakota, the city of Bowman sat much like it has for decades.

It's coming; $2 billion investment, 200 wells, pipeline heading to Bowman County

A $2 billion investment is expected by Denbury Resources Inc. in Bowman County for infrastructure. The drilling of 200 oil wells is expected to enhance production in the Bowman area oil fields.

Bowman County officials identify areas for growth

As oil activity makes its way south, Bowman County and its cities are gearing up and getting ready to grow. City and county officials gathered last week for part two of their Vision West economic development planning where they identified 11 areas — including tourism, downtown development and creating a bedroom-community reputation — that they want to progress or continue focusing on.

Bowman Economy is 'Alive and Kicking'

Taxable sales within the city of Bowman have seen ‘an impressive’ 72 percent increase between 2008 and 2012

Bowman Plans for New Hospital

With an increase in patients and emergency calls, the city of Bowman is getting a brand new hospital.

CO2 Could Improve Oil Production in Bowman County

According to North Dakota Oil and Gas officials, Denbury Resources, plans to bring Carbon Dioxide to the oil field in southwest North Dakota. "Sometime within the next decade CO2 will arrive in Cedar Hills and it's badly needed. The water field is mature now and in decline. It's a fantastic opportunity for CO2 Flooding. It's coming, it's just a matter of time," says Director of Mineral Resources Lynn Helms.

Joe Beaver 2014 Tie-Down & Breakaway Clinics

Attend the 2014 Tie-Down & Breakaway Clinics with 8-Time World Champion & PRCA Hall of Fame Cowboy Joe Beaver.

More Oil Drilling in Bowman Co.

The oil activity will be moving farther south in the coming years. Lynn Helms with the Department of Mineral Resources says he expects more oil drilling in Bowman County in the Red River formation.

Beulah, Watford City ranked in top 10 Cities for young families

Bowman ranks in the top 15 cities in ND for young families.

Rhame residents to get new water supply

Residents of Rhame will be getting a new water supply soon. Voters in the small Bowman County community on Tuesday approved a new agreement with Southwest Water Authority to receive the political subdivision’s water, possibly as soon as this fall, according to the city’s auditor.

Notice of Financial Statement

What is Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing is a tool that cities may implement as a public financing option. The property taxes collected from the district are used solely for outlined improvements or developments.

Vacant Homes Initiative Launched

This program benefits the community, county, property owners and prospective builders with cost savings on demolition and infrastructure.

Vision West Update

These initiatives act as a guiding source to proactively prepare and embrace the population growth that Western North Dakota is projected to continue to see over the next decade.

Oil giant announces findings in lower Three Forks Formation

One oil company has solved the mystery of the lower Three Forks Formation’s contents – it’s full of oil.

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Water Services


The Perfect Storm

Storm lines up to give Bowman County record rainfall totals

NEW service provider for FREE weather alerts

Bowman / Slope 9-1-1 System contracts new service provider for emergency notification and weather alerts

Voters Must Update Address by May 10

Bowman County Auditor, Sandra Tivis, reminds North Dakota voters that they will need to update their address if they have moved since they last voted.

FREE Weather Seminar

Learn more about weather in this area by attending a free seminar.

Siren Testing in SW North Dakota

Bowman County sirens will sound during Severe Summer Weather Awareness Week.

Employment Opportunity

Bowman County has an opening for a full-time road equipment operator.