Tourism in Bowman County

To better promote tourism and pass through visitor services, The Bowman County Development Corporation created a one year pilot program; a part-time position to facilitate visitor services. Funds were provided by the Tax and Tourism Committee for the marketing and promotion of Bowman.


Aurora Keppler of Wheaton, MN was hired for the position in February. The position will assist visitors already coming to town, but also better promote and market Bowman County to those who may not have thought of southwestern North Dakota as a destination. Aurora works 19 hours a week, Monday through Friday. She is scheduled during the peak hours of the day to allow the BCDC and Chamber office to remain open over the noon hour, better serving the community and visitors.


Aurora is really enjoying small town living, and the Bowman Area. “The scenery out here is absolutely beautiful and everyone here is so friendly and welcoming,” Aurora shared. When she is not working, she likes to help out at the ranch as much as she can. “I also enjoy the ladies I work with,” and Aurora indicated, “I feel my position contributes to tourism by coming up with different possibilities to attract tourists to either come back to Bowman or to come visit for the first time.”


Tourism promotion and pass through visitor services were two strategies selected during the Bowman County Vision West Planning Session. The BCDC believes that it is important to improve the services we offer to our visitors and encourage them to utilize the businesses in our communities. According the BCDC Director, Teran Doerr, “Being located at the crossroads of HWY 85 & HWY 12, we are at a distinct advantage. With better resources, we will be better able to serve these visitors and entice them to stay in our community for a longer period of time. Another goal will be to help fill our hotels, attract more events to the area and better serve the events that we already have”


Aurora’s first project has been to create promotional guest binders for the hotel rooms in town. Bowman currently has over 150 hotel rooms. These are visitors that could be shopping in our businesses and eating in our restaurants. Come early summer, these binders will be found in each hotel room in Bowman. This will allow visitors quick access to a business directory, business advertising, attractions, church service directory, local map, restaurant menus and hotel specific information.


The BCDC looks forward to inviting others to see for themselves all that the Bowman County area has to offer. If proven successful, the BCDC would like to continue these marketing efforts. If anyone in the community has ideas for or would like assistance promoting their event please contact the Tourism Assistant, Aurora at 701.523.5880 or Those Who Know Go!