Put Your Money Where Your House Is

Do you ever consider what happens to your money once you spend it? For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in the local economy, and $32 leaves, in comparison to spending $100 at an out-of-area business where nothing is contributed to the local economy. These stats according to the Retail Merchants Association and Independent Business Alliance are just one supporting factor of thinking local first. “Independent business in communities with a long-term "go local and independent campaign" reported revenue growth of 7.0% in 2013, tripling the 2.3% increase for those businesses not served by such efforts.”


The Bowman area offers almost everything a consumer could want and clearly there are advantages to shopping local and fostering a culture of purchasing locally. These advantages create benefits that affect communities as a whole. The Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce’s Shop Local promotion will educate local residents on what the community has to offer and why they should buy it here.


The money that is spent locally recirculates over and over in the local economy creating up to 75% more tax revenue for the community and state. The businesses in the Bowman Area are owned by neighbors and friends and they support many local events. By supporting these establishments, you help to support these events, jobs in the community and the products and services they offer.


Be on the lookout for many opportunities to partake in the “Putting Your Money Where Your House Is Campaign”. Watch the Finder, the Bowman Area Chamber Facebook page, and other media outlets for additional information and facts on how shopping local supports our community. It’s a win-win when we put shopping local first.