BCDC Fall 2013 Pulse

BCDC Fall 2013 Pulse

The Bowman County Development Corporation strives to work towards achieving the goals laid out in our communities’ strategic plans and provide service to our county on a large scale and within our daily operations. Here are a few things we have been focused on.



  • The Growing Bowman County Facebook continues to grow in followers, up 19% from the beginning of August.
  • Developing 2014 Marketing Plan that emphasizes available jobs in our county and surrounding areas, our proximity to the Bakken, and Bowman Counties willingness and ability to grow. A large part of the plan will focus on a website update.
  • Building our library of pictures of living, working, and playing in Bowman County to use within our marketing plan and website.
  • Partnering with Bowman City Tax & Tourism to further market Bowman as a tourist destination and its events.


Community Development


  • Coordinated KXMA interviews and news coverage of Bowman County. Highlighted oil development, agriculture, airport, and hospital.
  • Worked with the Bowman County Housing Authority to assist with the launch of the Vacant Homes Initiative
  • Resolution of Necessity was passed by the city of Bowman for a Tax Increment Financing District. The BCDC has helped the city explore this option to encourage development in Bowman. It has also followed the process the city of Scranton is going through in establishing their TIF district
  • The collaborative work of ABLE, Inc, Lutheran Social Services, and the BCDC has helped to build Bowman’s newest apartment complex – The Landing. The Landing was made possible by securing over $1 million from the Housing Incentive Fund.
  • Vision West has continued to use the BCDC as a resource to move towards the completion of their strategic plan for Bowman County and the Region. The regional plan first draft has been prepared and Bowman and Scranton will also receive downtown beautification schematics.
  • The Fall 2013 Economy at a Glance has been completed and posted on the website.
  • SW Healthcare and the BCDC partnered for the October Lunch & Learn and brought Ross Manson of Eide Bailly to Bowman to discuss the Affordable Healthcare Act and the Healthcare Marketplace.
  • The BCDC supports the events held by the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce – SummerFest, Ag Banquet, and Halloween Parade


Business Development


  • The BCDC is very excited to be assisting with the planning of the Rural Leadership North Dakota Leadership Short Course that will be offered in Bowman beginning January 2014. Creating agendas, finding speakers and sponsors, and promoting the program have been a focus to ensure that the program offers substantial, applicable and exciting information to share with participants, cultivating leaders in Bowman County.
  • Support has been provided to 18 clients over the past 3 months. Seven of those clients are new to the BCDC and SBDC. Restaurants, equine, construction, auto, retail, entertainment, agriculture, housing, and health were represented by our clients. Funding has been provided for businesses through a variety of programs available including Flex Pace and Micro Loans. We have also worked with partners at Southwest Rural Economic Area Partnership, USDA, North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund and Bank of North Dakota to facilitate additional financial assistance for clients.
  • Developers have also used the BCDC as a reference for additional information about opportunities in Bowman County. A Developers Packet is available by request that includes valuable information for those interested in investing in our county. Labor market, economic, traffic, and press information is gathered for them to get an initial understanding of our county and what we have to offer.
  • Center for Technology and Business is working with the BCDC to bring the Business Technology Acceleration Program. It will begin March 2014 and feature six classes focused on understanding technological opportunities for a business – Blogging, Online Business Reputation, Social Media for Professional Use, Investment and Efficiency through Mobile Apps, Virtual IT, Cloud Usage, and Point of Sale
  • A Lunch & Learn QR code training was offered in September to Bowman area businesses. They learned a quick and unique way to bring customers back to their websites to learn more about their business.
  • The SBDC continues to be a great asset to our office. North Dakota Small Business Development Centers held their annual meeting the end of July. Duane Bowman, has joined as a member of the advisory board. Topics at the meeting included: Strategic Planning for the NDSBDC, Affordable Care Act, Job Service, Workerforce Safety and Insurance, ND Tax Department as well as tools for improving client counseling.




  • PRCA Rodeo was held at the All-Seasons Arena in September and the BCDC appreaciates the opportunity to be part of the premier event.
  • North Dakota Association of Oil & Gas Producing Counties’ Annual Meeting was attended to stay informed and involved with this very important growth driver in Bowman County.
  • Economic Development Association of North Dakota held its State Conference the end of October. Connecting and understanding the economy across the state allows us to better serve our county.
  • Lewis & Clark Community Development Corporation representatives visited Bowman in October. The BCDC set-up meetings with local banks for Lewis & Clark to promote the ND Opportunity Fund and Dream Fund.
  • Budget requests were made from the Cities of Bowman, Scranton, and Rhame as well as County.
  • Eggs & Issues was hosted in September with a legaslative update given.
  • The BCDC continues to be active and engaged in our local government, Bowman County and Cities of Bowman, Scranton, Rhame, and Gascoyne, and provide assistance as needed as the opportunities arise.
  • We are fortunate to be a part of these committees and/or are board members of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce, Vision West, Renaissance Zone, Developer’s Agreement Committee, Bowman City Tax & Tourism, and Rotary.


The Bowman County Development Corporation welcomes interaction with the citizens of Bowman County. Please feel free to stop by our office or reach out via phone or email if you have any questions.