Help us save our Bowman Community Movie Theater!

Dear Bowman Movie Goers,


The conversion to all digital releases is a ‘Do or Die' situation for small theaters.  We have applied for grant funds to partially cover the cost of digital conversion, without which we would not be able to keep our doors open.


Help us raise matching funds for the USDA grant application & for critical building maintenance.  We are a pending non-profit 501 c (3) organization with the IRS &we are a recognized non-profit corporation in North Dakota.  Ownership is not paid & personally contributes to preserve the theatre as a community service.


Required fees charged by film companies are based on percentages of ticket sales (last year it was .47 of every $1.00) & the remainder does not cover our ongoing & ever increasing costs - Payroll, advertising, film freight, concession supplies, taxes, utilities, etc. We want to keep concessions affordable, but these will likely have to increase to help cover our expenses.


Please help us continue to serve our community with family oriented entertainment by supporting our fundraising efforts when you see them.  Like us on Facebook & give us any new fundraising ideas you may have.  


Please join us for our Dinner & A Movie afternoon when we get "Mirror, Mirror" on May 18th.



Bowman Community Movie Theatre