Meeting Info

January 21, 2014 Minutes

Bowman County Development Corporation

January 21, 2014

BCDC Office - 12:00 PM


Present: Scott Hardy, Josh Lindstrom, Duane Bowman, Karen Feist, Lyn James, Julie Lockert, Kevin Bucholz, Justin Wolbaum, Teran Doerr, Laura Weber, Cathy Hedge (Secretary)

Absent: Rick Braaten, Mark Ballard


Wolbaum called the meeting to order.


Agenda: Motion was made by Bucholz to accept the agenda. James 2nd AIF MC


Minutes:  Lockert made a motion to accept the December 16, 2013 meeting minutes after making the following changes. Karen Feist was absent. Feist 2nd AIF MC


Financial Report: Doerr presented the Financial Report.  Balance sheet was reviewed.  First payments were made for SW Auto and Bowman Subway. The Verizon bill is high than normal, Hedge will call Verizon and see what can be done to reduce this bill. James motioned to approve the Financial Report and a 2nd was given by Bucholz.  AIF MC


Delinquent Loan Report: The PC Dr.- Doerr has visited with Danny Hawthorn about his loan. He stated that business is slow and he is behind on other bills. Hawthorn is going to visit with Weber and Doerr for marketing help.

Old Business:

Housing Update: JD Mason presented at City Commission meeting. Mason had a presentation on his intentions for housing. He will be build apartments, duplexes and single family housing. Zoning passed.  The Vacant homes initiative received their first application.

New Business:

Annual Meeting: Board member terms that are expiring are Kevin Bucholz & Scott Hardy both are running again for the positions. Doerr will put an ad in the paper for anyone that is interested in becoming a board member. The Annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 26th at noon.


Verizon Wireless Store Front Grant Application:  Erin Miller has opened a Verizon store in town and would like to get signage made. It will hang above the door and one in the window. Miller is requesting $1000 to help cover the expense. Lockert made a motion to approve the Store Front Grant in the amount of $1000.00 with a second given by Feist. AIF


Executive Report:  The BCDC Monthly Activity Report was given by Doerr.  See attached.



Museum Update (Kevin Bucholz)

Park & Rec Update (Duane Bowman)

Open Forum


Adjourn: Lindstrom motioned to adjourn, James 2nd.  AIF MC