Meeting Info

May 5, 2014 Minutes


Bowman County Development

May 5, 2014 

BCDC Office-12:00pm

Present: Scott Hardy, Rick Braaten, Kevin Bucholz, Teran Doerr, Debbie
Bucholz, Josh Lindstrom, Karen Feist, Lyn James, Mark Ballard, Julie Lockert,
Duane Bowman, Laura Weber, Cathy Hedge (Secretary) 

Absent: Justin Wolbaum


called the meeting to order.


Gaming: Debbie Bucholz gave an update on gaming. The gaming machines are
out dated and the parts are becoming harder to find. Bucholz suggested that all
the machines be replaced at one time, to continue equality among all businesses
that hold machines. Cost is approximately $4800 each, $19,200 for all 4. Options
include: reserve money from the charitable distributions over a term to finance
the purchase, request funds from County as a loan or request payments from each
charity until total amount saved for purchase. 
Bucholz, with support from the board, will meet with the County
Commission 5/6/14 to request a loan for the purchase of 4 new gaming machines.  Compliance reviews were done and there were a
few updates/changes that needed to be made, but otherwise a good report was

Agenda: A motion was made by Braaten to accept the agenda with a 2nd
by Ballard. AIF MC

Minutes: Lindstrom made a motion to accept the minutes with
correction.  Rick Braaten was listed
twice as present, one will be removed. Hardy 2nd the motion. AIF MC

Financial Report: Doerr presented the Financial Report. Doerr
would like to create two more accounts for the Tourism funds and the Empowering
Leaders group. Feist made a motion to set up 2 accounts 1 for Tourism and 1 for
Empowering Leaders with a 2nd by Bucholz. AIF MC James made a motion
to accept the Financial Report as presented with a 2nd by Lockert.

Old Business

Housing Update: Doerr presented the initial TIF application to
the City Commission.  They had requested
some changes be made, that Doerr completed. Doerr will be presenting the new TIF
application to the City Commission.

Airport Land Proposal Update: Doerr presented the Airport Land Proposal to
the Bowman County Commission and they were very receptive to the idea. The
Commission has requested Doerr get quotes on feasibility study. Doerr spoke
with Brosz Engineering and is waiting on info from FAA. 

New Business


Store Front Grant Application: The Finder/Pioneer is requesting $907 for
total on a new store front. Paint & Supplies are not covered with the grant,
adjusted the total to $797.95.   Lockert
made a motion to approve the Store Front Grant request in the amount of $398.98
with a 2nd by Hardy. AIF MC

Executive Director Report: The BCDC Monthly Activity Report was given by
Doerr. See attached.


Motion to adjourn: Feist motioned to adjourn with a 2nd
given by James. AIF MC