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2020 Census:  How do I get Counted

You're doing your part by limiting your travel and spending more time at home.  Now is a good time to be counted online, by telephone or by mail! 

Take a few minutes to complete your Questionaire


If you are not comfortable with using a computer or don’t have one, the census count can be done by telephone:

      English  844-330-2020       Spanish  844-468-2020          Click here for other Languages

If you do not completed the count online, you will receive a paper form which you can fill out mail to the census count.


2020 Census FAQ's

I didn’t receive the 12 digit census ID, how do I become counted?
Go to this link and type in your physical address. Then click NEXT to continue.


I live in an apartment and didn’t receive the 12 digit census ID, how do I become counted?
Do the census for your apartment, (it is NOT done by the apartment owner), go to this link and type in your physical address. The same physical address maybe used for all apartments. Then click NEXT to continue.


I am renting a sleeping room in a house. How do I get counted?
The owner of the house would count you.


We have several homes on a farm or ranch. How do I get counted or does the owner count my house?
Each house needs to be counted separately by the individual or family that is living in the house.
If you have separate mail box you may have received a 12-digit code, use the code here

If you don’t have a mail box or have RR or HR address. Go online and enter your responses here. The same physical address may be used for all the homes on the farm or ranch.


Can the same physical address of the house or apartment you’re living in be used by other people even if someone else has used the address (such as the owner)?    


I’m living in a motel-hotel can I use the physical address of the motel-hotel?
Yes   Go onlne and enter your responses here.

Do I still use the date of April 1 as where I was living to be counted?

How long do you have to live in Bowman County to be counted in Bowman County?    
6 months and 1 day


If I am working in Bowman County but have a residence and family living somewhere else?   
People who live in more than one location should count themselves at the location where they live and sleep most of the time.


Has the census time line been extended?  
Yes, extended to Aug 14.


Will there be house to house visits in the future?  
Yes, but we don’t know when the visits will start.


If I did the online count will I receive a house visit? 


Will the census count have any effect of any personal government payment, such a Social Security payment?  


Does the Census Questionnaire ask for my Social Security number?  


Does the Census Questionnaire ask if I am a US Citizen?  


Why is the question asked; " Is this a house, apartment, mobile home or rented? "      
Homeownership rates serve as an indicator of the nation’s economy and help in administering housing programs and informing planning decisions. The reason the question of a mortgage or loan is to determine the amount of funding to a state for government loan programs such as HUB, Block, FHA, USDA or other Federal supported loans.


Is the online census count Confidential and my computer protected from a scam or virus?   


When will the census count be released to the Public?    
The count is held to Confidential for 72 years after the count; until 2092.
The Census Bureau is required by law to protect your information. The Census Bureau is not permitted to publicly release your information in a way that could identify you or your household.


When I check the box "White" and don’t know my historical back ground such as German, Norwegian, Irish, what do I put in the Box?    
Use Unknown


Each person that is not counted will cost North Dakota and Bowman County approximately $1,910 per person (based on Federal funding to North Dakota in the year 2015) for every year for the next ten years.  This is funding for schools, cities, nursing homes, social services, roads, and many other federal payments to Bowman County. If you have additional question and need help with the census, you can call: Lynn Brackel, Bowman County Commissioner at (701) 523-3749


Please be Counted for Bowman County and North Dakota!