More Oil Drilling in Bowman Co.

KFYR TV 5/28/2013 


The oil activity will be moving farther south in the coming years. Lynn Helms with the Department of Mineral Resources says he expects more oil drilling in Bowman County in the Red River formation.


Today he brought the Industrial Commission two more cases for approval. The company requested a reserve pit. But after more than 40 reserve pits overflowed in 2011, the commission is skeptical to approve one. But Helms assured the commission there will not be as much environmental risk because the reserve pit will only be used for clay, water and drill cuttings, rather than a diesel-based mud.


Allowing a partial reserve pit will save the companies about $75,000 in addition to the tax incentives for drilling outside the Bakken and Three Forks Formations.


"Denbury Resources likely will be drilling several hundred wells in Bowman County. And I think we need to keep that fact in mind. As we move forward with this, as to how we want to approach drilling in Bowman County," Helms said.


The wells in the Red River formation will be drilled horizontally, but they will not need to be fracked.