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101 1st St NE
Box 12
Bowman, ND 58623-0012


Fall Wood Pickup

September 18th-22nd

Only Wood items will be

picked up in the alley:

Acceptable WOOD Items:  Trees, Branches and items made only of wood

Wood items must be set out in the alley by September 17th

City crew will begin on the east side of town and move to the west  

The crew will NOT backtrack

(We are not taking calls for the fall list)


FREE Landfill Use

September 18th-23rd

Landfill Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 2:00 PM & Sat 8:00 to 12:00

Acceptable Items: Wood, Metal, Wooden Furniture (No Upholstery), Appliances

(Appliances containing Freon must be pumped &

have a sticker stating this has been done.)

The above items are accepted this week only at NO CHARGE

Tires are accepted for a fee – determined by size

2018 City of Bowman Preliminary Budget Statement


The 2018 Preliminary Budget Statement for the City of Bowman is on file at the office of the City Auditor located at 101 1st ST NE and may be examined by anyone upon request.

This statement gives a detailed breakdown of the estimated revenues, appropriations and transfers requested for the ensuing year for the general fund, each special revenue fund, each enterprise fund, and each debt service fund. 

The governing body shall meet on October 3, 2017 at 4:30 pm to adopt the final budget and make the annual tax levy.  The governing body shall hold a public session to discuss any item of the proposed expenditures with the public and the public may object to any item or amount.

The following are the proposed expenditures for city levied funds for 2018:  Fund # 1000 General Fund (72.38 Mills) has $1,484,056 in expenditures of which only $343,805 is levied to cover expenses; Fund #7090 Cemetery Fund (2 Mills) in the amount of $9,500;  Library (4 Mills) in the amount of $17,745 for a total of $1,511,301 in expenses of which $371,050 is levied. 



      The Bowman City Commission has declared a fire emergency and a temporary burn ban effective immediately.  The ban includes no open flame or the ignition of fireworks.  Anyone who violates this burn ban could be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor.  The burn ban will remain in place until fire conditions improve and the Bowman County Commission takes action to remove their burn ban.                      

Peggy Allen, Financial Auditor

Dated:   June 21, 2017, Bowman, ND           

Bowman City Commission Meeting Dates Changed


Please note the following Bowman City Commission meeting dates have been changed:


            Regular Meeting on June 20, 2017 changed to June 21, 2017

            Regular Meeting on July 4, 2017 changed to July 6, 2017

The time remains at 4:00 pm at City Hall.


Notice from the City of Bowman


                City Hall Rental Policy Change:  Due to the meistreatment during parties held at Bowman City Hall, the Bowman City Commission has decided to only allow City Hall to be rented out for:  business meetings, classes, and blood drives.  The cost for meetings and classes will be $50.00 and if you request to set up the day before, there will be an additional $15.00 fee.


Bowman Landfill 

City Landfill will OPEN for the season

Monday, May 1st-Friday, September 29th

Landfill Hours:

Monday –Friday 8:00am-2:00pm

1st and 3rd Saturday 8:00am- 12:00pm

Dates Closed Thru Season:

May 27th -29th Memorial Holiday

July 1st - 5th Independence Day Holiday

Sept 2nd - 4th Labor Day Holiday


2017 Bowman City Commission Meeting Dates

Meetings start at 4:00 PM at City Hall, unless otherwise stated!

                                                                     January 5**                                                 July 6**

                                                                     January 17*                                                 July 18

                                                                      February 7                                                  August 1

                                                                      February 21*                                                August 15

                                                                       March 7                                                      September 5*

                                                                       March 21                                                    September 19

                                                                       April 4                                                        October 3

                                                                      April 18 Equalization Mtg. 8:00 am               October 17

                                                                                   April 18

                                                                       May 2                                                       November 7

                                                                       May 16                                                     November 21

                                                                       June 6                                                     December 5

                                                                       June 20                                                    December 19


2018 Budget Prep Meetings:  August 21 and 23 starting at 8:00 AM, lunch from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM and will recess when done completing a “section” of the budget and reconvene the next day at 8:00 AM.   August 30th will be an extra day if needed.


* The meeting falls the day after a holiday, therefore the agenda requests must be in the City Auditors Office by the Friday before the meeting at 11:00 am.

** Normal meeting date was rescheduled.