Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Bowman City Commission

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on June 24, 2014 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.
Absent:  Mike Sondeland; Present:  Lyn James, Chuck Whitney, Darrell West, and Darren Limesand.  Peggy Matheson, Chuck Headley, Rock Tarter, Carol Vail, Warren Flath, Darwin Wilke, Ron Palczewski, Barry Mason, Jen Hestekin, Becky Hanson, Sasha Ruggles, Galen Strand, Alli Englehart, Roger Walters, Dave Smolnikar, Chris Johnson, Scott Hardy, Cal Klewin, Lori Sola, Lauren Homelvig, Jeanette Homelvig, Jon Brosz, Jolene Brosz, Jessica West, Gordy James, Bruce Bowman, Dan Peterson, Bill Mason, Pete Knopp, Todd Hofland, Shawn Brien, Ross Dannhoff, Judson Seaman, Drew Henderson, Rolinda Chavez, Antonio Chavez, Lori Nohner, Roger Walter, Jackie Lanbourn, and Jeanne Tennant.  (Not signed in, but present : Ross Dannhoff's parents and fiancé)
 The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM.  Election results were given to all the commissioners and the oaths of office were taken by the new Commissioners Darren Limesand and Darrell West and Municipal Judge Drew Henderson.   Motion by Whitney, second by West to approve the agenda and added a report on the landfill sink hole site update by Whitney.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Checks: #7690 - 7731; Payroll Checks: #103198; Voided Checks:  #7689; Direct Deposit:  $23,042.60; Payroll: $213.52; Bills:  Art Johnson $70.63, Advanced Business Methods $33.33, Bowman Auto Parts $335.58, Bowman County Auditor $431.30, BCDC $5,000.00, Carmel's Cleaners $80.64, Clay Caron $540.00, Consolidated Telecom $1,784.82, Country Media $256.07, Coyle Electric $6,329.07, Dacotah Paper $150.57, Dakota Dust-Tex $80.40, Dakota Pump and Control $1,752.00, Dakota Supply $133.56, Diamond Vogel $1,362.10, Eido Connect $140.00, Fallon County Treasurer $5,771.00, Farmers Union $1,009.07, Galls, Inc. $1,285.50, Hawkins $999.16, Heick's Services $175.00, High Plains Glass and Towing $354.30, Johnson Controls $410.00, Kens Super Value $31.72, Mahlon Smith Repair $401.21, Newby's Ace Hardware $271.91, One Call Concepts $27.50, Peggy Matheson $269.30, Pioneer Trails Museum $25,000.00, Praxair Distribution $449.13, Qualified Targets $398.78, Radisson $149.40, Sadowsky and Wild $200.00, Slope Electric $1,097.00, SDW Business Machine $165.95, SW Medical Clinic $125.00, Tennant Sales $465.40, Tiger Electric $775.21, Verizon Wireless $493.95, VISA $212.09, Washington National $55.20,and Wells Fargo Securities $13,909.05  
Street Dept. Report:  The rented Durapatcher leaves on the 3rd of July.  Hofland will keep patching the streets until they come to get the durapatcher.  Neil Hofland said the county could chip seal over the area by "The Landing" if the durapatching did not fix it.  On 3rd Ave NE they used reclaimed asphalt to fix the water damaged road by the tracks and its holding up well.  The Halleck Mine has another sinkhole by the landfill; the PSC will be back in a couple of months to fix it again.
Water/Sewer Dept. Report:  The #4 well at the fairgrounds is fixed.  One of the lift stations needs a new impeller and the south well has been down for a week and a half and should be repaired tomorrow.
The hospital well is still not up and running yet, there was a leak in the packing and now its shaking.  We will probably need to budget for a new one.
 Sidewalk Grant:  The DOT is asking for a bid date to be set for this project; they will then have set milestones that we must meet.  Motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to set the bid opening date as May 8, 2015 for the Transportation Alternatives Program funds for 2014 project on 1st Street (Hwy 85 to Main St. and Main St. to 3rd Ave E.)  RCV= all aye, MC.  Bids will be opened by the DOT and they will funnel information to us.  This grant requires an 80%/20% cost share and the construction estimate is $288,000; the City will budget their portion for this project in the 2015 budget.
5th St SW:  The project has started and they are worried about a hole that Hofland has a concern about.  They won't put concrete over it until they know what is going on.

 New Officer Dannhoff:  Officer Dannhoff took his oath of office and Justina, his fiancé pinned his badge/shield #1823. 
 Chavez:   A citizen has complained about Chavez having a concrete business within a residential area.  Headley told Chavez he was not zoned commercial and Headley gave him a citation and told him to talk to the zoning administrator.
Officer Brien handed in his letter of resignation and handed out a letter to the commissioners explaining that he is going to work in Slope County for better wages.  He requested the commission take a look at their wages and consider increasing wages so the City can keep the police personnel that they have.  Motion by West, second by Limesand to accept the resignation of Officer Brien.   RCV= all aye, MC.
Auditor Bond Limit:  The City's bonding limit on the auditors and commissioners is low and needs to be increased according to state statute.  James read the resolution to change the auditors bond, which will be increased to $975,704.  Motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to approve "Resolution 2014-F-7 Auditor Bond."  RCV= all aye, MC. 
Library Board Request:  James explained that boards will bring us their recommendation and then the commission approves or denies their recommendation.  Motion by Whitney, second by West to accept the nomination of Joy Naico to replace Syneva Arithson on the Bowman Public Library board.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Portfolios:  The following are the appointed positions.
Vice Chair:   Whitney would like to table this position.      Attorney:  Steve Wild
Auditor: Peggy Matheson    Utility Auditor:  Stacy McGee
One or More Assessors: Dean Pearson  

Police Commissioner:  Darrell West
Water/Sewer Commissioner:  Mike Sondeland     Financial Commissioner:  Darren Limesand
Garbage/Street Commissioner:  Chuck Whitney    Renaissance Zone Board: Darren Limesand
Library Board:  Darrell West      

Zoning:  Chuck Whitney
Health Officer/Treasurer/Public Works Board:  Per Attorney Steve Wild on 11/25/13, the City does not need a health officer, nor does he see a reason for a treasurer or board of public works.   We would refer to the Regional Health officer which is "Custer Health District" in Mandan.
Volunteer Fire Department:  (Not city owned, therefore not appointed by City)
Fire Chief:   Chris Palczewski 

Treasurer:    Darren Limesand
Assistant to the Chief:  Lane Woodley  

Secretary:   Jon Brosz
Police Department:
Police Chief: Chuck Headley
Officers: Ross Dannhoff
             Larry Fischer
             Dave Wyman - Starts in July
             Shawn Brien - Last day 6/30/14
Motion by Whitney, second by West to appoint and accept the above blanket list of portfolios and appointed positions within the Bowman City Government.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Sewer Expansion Energy Impact Grant - James asked the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Board if we could tie grant #G13009 to the hospital expansion project.   The EIIO director past the request on to the ND Dept. of Trust Lands Board and they approved the City's request.
Lori Nohner gave an update on the happenings at the Pioneer Trails Museum.  The museum received a "Heritage Grant" for $25,000 and it was matched by the county to replace the lighting in the museum.  She is requesting the 2014 budgeted funds in the amount of $25,000. Motion by West, second by Whitney to approve the release of the 2014 budgeted funds for the Pioneer Trails Museum in the amount of $25,000.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Video Camera Microphone:  Haggerty's has a high quality microphone that uses an AC cord for $250.  This microphone would replace the battery operated wireless microphone that we have.  Motion by Whitney, second by West to authorize the purchase of this microphone system with shielded cords for the video camera. RCV = all aye, MC.
The south side of the mine doesn't have a map and the TransCanada pipeline goes through there; so they are performing tests underground to locate any voids.  There are 3 parties involved with this project : TransCanada, Gorder an engineer and geologist.  They think the south side is full of water and this test will confirm it.  This is at no cost to the city, TransCanada is paying for this.  The reclamation of the mine was the public service commission's responsibility.
Public Hearing Case LDC14-004, James Annexation:  The applicants are requesting to be annexed to the City because they would like to hook up to city sewer and water.  A neighbor did talk with Ryan about this annexation and the issue was not related to this request.  Ryan explained that the President of the Commission will not vote because it is her property.  Motion by Whitney, second by West to accept the annexation proposal Case LDC14-004.  RCV= all aye, James abstained.
Public Hearing on SWHC Case LDC 14-001: This is a joint public hearing between the City Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The first public hearing on the SWHC Ambulance garage was on June 7th, due to a technical glitch, the newspaper did not receive the notice and it wasn't published.  The neighbors within 200' of the proposed garage site received a public notice per state statute and the citizens at large were not made aware of the situation so we have to start over and this is the first hearing. 
Chairman Wilke called the public hearing to order for the planning and zoning board.  Ryan read the zone change findings and the conditional use permit findings to the public.  Findings mean for every entitlement that comes before the commissions, these findings are for approval or denial.
Ryan asked for the public to express their concerns.  Many neighbors expressed their concern and would like to see the garage built somewhere else.  Becky Hanson explained that SWHC will lose their grant in the amount of $320,000 if they don't meet their time constraints.  The projected size of the building is 60' x 100', designed for the lot that they had to put it on.
It was agreed upon by both the Zoning/Planning Commission and the City Commission to recess the joint meeting until July 1.   James formed a committee to work together to find an alternative location for this garage.   Committee:  Dan Peterson, Cal Klewin, Becky Hanson, Barry Mason, Jen Hestekin, Darrell West, Dave Smolnikar, Chris Johnson and Warren Flath.  James will work on getting an extension on the energy impact grant for SWHC.
Motion by Whitney, second by Limesand to recess the meeting until July 1st for Case #LDC 14-001 at 5:15 PM. RCV= all aye, MC.
 Equipment Grant:   The fire department presented their bills for reimbursement through an energy impact grant they were awarded.  Motion by Whitney, second by West to approve the request for reimbursement of funds to the fire department for the energy impact grant.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Motion by Whitney, second by West to approve the bills, May 2014 financials, 6/3/14 meeting minutes and the May 2014 Judges Report.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Motion by Limesand, second by West to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.