Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Bowman City Commission

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on June 3, 2014 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.
Present:  Lyn James, Mike Sondeland, Grace Rea, Chuck Whitney, and Bob Wiffler, Peggy Matheson, Chuck Headley, Kevin Bucholz, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Darrell West, Barb Downing, and Lance Yohe.
 The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM.  Motion by Whitney, second by Rea to approve the agenda as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Checks: #7667 - 7688; Payroll Check: #103198 for $213.52; Direct Deposit $21,802.00; Bills:  Art Johnson $84.75, Postmaster $359.72, Advanced Business Methods $33.33, American Planning Assn $280.00, Bill Mason $259.00, Bowman Glass $65.00, Brosz Engineering $1,035.00, Consolidated Telecom $442.23, Dakota Dust-Tex $80.40, Double EE Service $77.25, Fidelity $149.44, Glock Inc. $171.00, Haggerty's Music Works $7,089.80, Hawkins, Inc. $635.75, James Wosepka $960.00, Jodi Olind $775.00, Marsha Schaff $175.00, MDU $8,031.67, Newby's Ace Hardware $41.92, NW Tire $1,407.12, Ray's Repair Service $173.58, Sherman Oakland $214.00, and WEX Bank $6,778.40.
 Old Garbage Truck:  The old truck was hauled to Baker salvage from Ray's Repair and salvaged for $1,445.00.
Reclaimed Asphalt:  The Lions Park has an area of driveway at the park that needs repair.  Whitney talked with Hofland and they figured it would take between 3 and 4 truckloads, or 36 yards of asphalt to fix it.  This park is maintained by the Lions and owned be the county fair board.  Whitney asked if the city would help pay for this project.  It would be take two guys, 2 to 3 hours of work, and asphalt would cost roughly $1,000.  This is a public space and has a benefit to the city, so the commission felt that since it's a public space utilized by residents, the City should help with this project.  Motion by Whitney, second by Rea to authorize the street crew to spread as much material as required, about 78' at the Lions public park adjoining the fairgrounds.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Asphalt Repair by "The Landing":  When the contractor from HDC is in town he will contact James about the asphalt that needs replaced by the Landing.  This contractor disagrees with the cost of the asphalt to be repaired.
MASON  The 8th Avenue NW water main project will begin on or after July 14th.
Patrol Vehicles:  Fisher's police cruiser was damaged by a prisoner during transportation.  Headley turned the claim into the City's insurance company.  The individual is being charged through Slope County for the damages and any restitution that may come from the defendant will go to the insurance company.
Unkept Lawns:  The police department has put out notices to individuals to get their lawns mowed, and the PD has also hired individuals to mow some lawns that are problematic areas.
Auction of Vehicles/Property:  Whitney inquired about the sale of the old police cruiser.  Headley stated it may be advertised for bids or put in the auction of impounded vehicles.  There are 20 bikes and misc. items that may be in the auction.  There are letters that need to be sent out on impounded vehicles prior to the auction.  The auction will hopefully be done by the end of June.
Audit:  Jim Wosepka is the City's external auditor and he presented the 2013 audit he completed on the City of Bowman financials.  Three funds were overspent, two funds had items that were purchased in December and paid for in January and therefore in accrual accounting they became a liability in December.  The other fund was social security and that was overspent because of an employee retiring.  Motion by Grace, second by Whitney to approve the 2013 audit report as presented by Jim Wosepka. RCV= all aye, MC.
Agenda Deadline:  Matheson asked if the agenda deadline could be extended to 4:00 PM since there have been so many late requests lately.  Motion by Sondeland, second by Whitney to move the agenda deadline to 4 pm on the Monday before the meeting.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Lobbyist Update:  Matheson updated the commission on the possibility of hiring a lobbyist on behalf of the county regarding the Powder River Training Area Expansion issue.  Attorney Wild and Attorney Weiss are going see if they can come up with a plan.  Wild will give us a written opinion to put in the file.
Permit:  Matheson presented a raffle permit application for Yesterday's Farmers.   They are raffling off two tractors or cash.  Motion by Whitney, second by Rea to approve the Yesterday's Farmer's raffle permit.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Meeting Change Date:  Matheson requested to change the next meeting date from June 17 to June 24th.  She will be gone for training and there is already a special meeting scheduled for a public hearing on the 24th.  The 24th is also when the new commissioners take office.  Motion by Sondeland second by Whitney to change the next regular meeting from 6/17/14 to 6/24/14 at 4:00 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.
 North Dakota Missouri River Stakeholders:  Yohe explained the concept of this organization and there will be a workshop in Bismarck he invited the commission to attend.  It will engage people and give them some direction on what they should be doing to set up the organization and have the leadership identified.  They would like Bowman's input on what NDMRS need to be in thinking about regarding our area.
Bowman County Fair Board:  They want to host a sand volleyball tournament at the Rotary Park and would like to have permission for participants to bring alcohol to the tournament.  The participants will be age 18 and up in the tournament.  The event would be from 10 am to 3 pm on July 12.  Chief Headley is concerned because of underage participants.  The Bowman Police Department will patrol that area specifically on the 12th.  Motion by Rea, second by Sondeland to approve the request to bring their own alcohol for 21 and over to the sand volleyball tournament.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Annual Review of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan:  James attended the annual review of the mitigation plan with Bowman County.  They reviewed the mitigation action plan and addressed each item that was previously listed in the plan.  The City of Bowman accomplished several of the action items listed in the multi-hazard mitigation plan. 
Revision to the 5/22/14 minutes:  List Grace Rea as absent and fix a misspelling (burry to bury).
Motion by Whitney, second by Wiffler to approve the minutes as corrected and bills as presented. RCV= all aye, MC.
Motion by Whitney, second by Rea to adjourn the meeting at 5:37 RCV= all aye, MC.