Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of City Commissioners

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on January 21, 2014 at City Hall at 5:00 PM.
Present:  Lyn James, Mike Sondeland, Grace Rea, Chuck Whitney.  Peggy Matheson, Chuck Headley, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Kevin Buchholz, Teran Doerr, Jon Brosz, Dean Pearson and Cheryl Ryan. Absent:  Bob Wiffler
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM.  Motion by Sondeland, second by Rea to approve the agenda as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Checks: #7403 – 7417; Payroll Checks: # 103086-103102; Voided Checks: #103091 and 7396                   Salaries: $23,191.03; Bills:  Bill Mason $158.00, Brosz Engineering $8,005.00, Coyle Electric $529.68, John Deere Financial $100.11, MDU $362.17, Municipal Judges Ass. $25.00, ND Workforce Safety and Ins. $10,396.00, $162.58, Sadowsky and Wild $200.00, Slope Electric $1,012.00, SW Abstract $250.00, Verizon Wireless $492.96, VISA $63.59, Washington National Inc. $55.20, and Westlie Truck Center $50.48.
The street department loader is in Dickinson for repairs that are under warranty and we will have it back on Friday.
Nothing to report; everything is running smoothly.
Nothing to report; it has been relatively quiet.
Nothing to report; working on the developer’s agreement.
5th St SW Project:   The plans and specs are complete and at the ND DOT for approval.  Brosz will publish the bid letting through February and bid opening will be in March 2014. 
LOMAR Application:  (3rd Avenue E Drainage Flood Plain) Brosz would like approval from the commission to work with James on getting an update from FEMA.  FEMA has had our LOMAR application for two months and Brosz feels they will give us an update if James and Brosz make a joint call to them.  The commission granted approval for Brosz and James to work together toward getting an update on removing several houses from the flood plain.
 Brosz Bill:  Matheson informed the commission that we needed to make a transfer to pay for the safe routes to school grant engineering bill.  Matheson asked Hofland and Mason if it was ok to borrow funds from fund 2023 city shop driveway fund in the amount of $2,400.00 to be repaid at a later date, $1,571.37 from fund 1162 which is the 4th Street NW paving fund (project is done), and the remainder would come out of fund 2400 Sidewalks Projects.  Hofland and Mason offered their approval.
Matheson asked the commission for transfer and budget revisions for this transaction.  Motion by Rea, second by Whitney to transfer $2,400.00 from fund 3023 City Shop driveway fund to fund 2400 sidewalks project and transfer funds from Fund 1162 4th St. NW Paving in the amount of $1,571.37 to Fund 2400 Sidewalks Projects.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Motion by Sondeland, second by Rea to approve the following budget revisions:  1162 4th Street NW Paving in the amount of $1,571.37, 3023 City Driveway Fund $2,400.00, and 2400 Sidewalk Projects $7,765.00.  RCV= all aye, MC.
New and Expanding Businesses Tax Exemptions:  Pearson is requesting that the commission make a resolution regarding tax exemptions to new and expanding businesses.  (ND Century Code 40-57.1)  If the commission decides to allow these exemptions for 2015, it would have to be on the June ballot for the public to approve.  This does not affect exemptions given in the renaissance zone, nor does it affect tax exemptions in place.  The county has decided not to offer this exemption.  James asked BCDC director Doerr her opinion and she felt it would not be worth taking it to a vote at this time.  Motion by Whitney, second by Rea to decline granting tax exemptions or payments in lieu of taxes for new and expanding primary sector businesses as allowed by ND Century code 40-57.1 effective upon signing this resolution.  RCV= all aye, MC.
New Residential Construction on Homes valued up to $150,000:  James read the resolution on property tax exemptions for new residential construction passed on June 16, 2009.  In order to clarify this exemption, a motion was made.  Motion by Rea, second by Sondeland to allow residential tax exemptions on new home construction valued up to $150,000 (structure only); exemption must have been approved in the minutes at the city auditor’s office and on file with the Bowman county tax director prior to occupancy.  RCV= all aye, MC
Bowman Lodge LLC Property Tax Exemption:  Pearson asked what the commission’s intended start date was for the Bowman Lodge LLC property tax exemption that was granted on 11/14/12.  The commission granted a graduated tax exemption for five years (100%/80%/60%/40%/20%) for this motel on 11/14/12 and the project has not started yet.  Doerr said she spoke with them today and they are going to start construction as soon as the ground is ready.  The commission wants the Bowman Lodge representative to come to the next meeting to explain their current plans and then the commission will decide when the exemption starts.  Doerr will invite Bowman Lodge LLC to the next meeting.
EOC Training:  Pearson asked what kind of follow-up training exercise the commission would like after participating in the mock tornado disaster on 1/16/14. The EOC has been in contact with the city of Northwood and is working on plans to do an IVAN or Skype style presentation of their disaster to Bowman, Adams and Harding County.  Pearson inquired if they would like another exercise after their presentation.  James said she would prefer the training exercise at a later date so we can work on completing our COOP and COG policy.  James thanked Pearson and the volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.  They are a very dedicated group and there isn’t enough gratitude given to them for what they do.
Motion by Whitney, second by Sondeland to approve the bills, December 2013 judges report, and 1/7/14 regular meeting minutes and 1/14/14 joint meeting minutes.  RCV = all aye, MC.
Motion by Rea, second by Whitney to adjourn the meeting at 6:06 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.