Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of EOC Training 1/16/14

Joint Training Meeting with Bowman EOC, Adams County, Harding County, Bowman County, and Bowman City Commissioners and Auditors on 1/16/14.


Bowman Attendees:  Lyn James, Chuck Whitney, Bob Wiffler, Peggy Matheson, Lynn Brackel, Sandi Tivis, Pine Abrahamson, Rick Braaten, Dean Pearson, Tiffany Kees, Jerry Janikowski, Angie Eberle, Dick Fredericks, Karla Germann, and Darrell West.   Additional attendees were from Adams County, ND, and Harding County, SD.

The training exercise started at 3:00 pm for auditors and then the county commissioners joined at 5:30 pm for a table top exercise.  The city commissioners had to work with their county commissioners to make decisions on injects that they were given by the EOC director.  This exercise was an example of what type of decisions to expect in the first hour of a disaster.  Our disaster was a tornado that destroyed two thirds of the city of Bowman.

At the end of the exercise the group got back together to discuss the exercise and the revelations they had.  It was very informative.  The meeting ended at 8:15 pm.