Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the joint meeting of City Com. and Planning & Zon

Minutes from a Joint City Commission and Bowman Planning and Zoning Board on 1/14/14.

Present:  Grace Rea, Mike Sondeland, Bob Wiffler, Lyn James, Peggy Matheson, Mike and Steve Beylund, Rock Tarter, Carol Vail, Barry Mason, Ken Woodley, Gary Nagel, John Paulson, Jon Brosz, Cheryl Ryan, Ed Peters, JD Mason, Cathy Cronin, Darwin Wilke, Kevin Miller, Kevin Hilton, Drew Henderson, Teran Doerr, Cal Meshke, and Judson Seaman.  Absent:  Chuck Whitney

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM by Wilke.  JD Mason from SBS Investments presented his future plans for the property in the North Side Addition that he purchased in September of 2013.  The purpose of this meeting is to seek approval of the re-plat of Mason’s property back to agricultural land and rezone 8 parcels of the property from R-2 (residential district, multi-family) to R-1 (residential district, single family).   JD Mason is not requesting the city commit to anything today other than to consider the re-plat to acreage and the re-zone of the 8 parcels. (Planning and Zoning Commission case #LDC13-015)

After the new plat has been accepted as agricultural land he will submit another plat to re-subdivide into lots for single family homes, duplexes and apartments.  A portion of this plat will still remain as agricultural land. 

JD Mason’s future plan is to:

• Build $15 million in structures
• Keep roads private and maintained by HOA
• Houses may be built at another location and hauled to Bowman and will be approximately 30’ x 40’
• Project will be completed in three phases, apartments first, then 6 to 8 duplexes and then single family homes.  He will be seeking approval for each phase.
• Homes will be 1,800 to 2,000 square feet in size with crawlspaces; homes will sell at under $200,000 per unit
• Will have walking trails, but no sidewalks
• Snow removal and maintenance on streets would be Mason’s responsibility
• $2,000 a month for rent for the apartments
• Landscape will be designed so water run-off will stay on his property
• Streets will be paved 40’ wide on the main street and 30’ wide on cross streets with 2’ gravel shoulders on each side, no curb and gutter
• Only police services he is requesting is for trespassers, no speed enforcement requested

JD Mason is concerned about the water pressure on the highest piece of land.  He feels that the city will have to “give a little” somewhere along the way, but he doesn’t know what that is at this point.  JD Mason would also like the water/sewer services brought to the project boundary.  James informed him that the City would only bring the services to the nearest property boundary.
Ryan asked JD Mason if he had a back-up plan for streets in the event that the HOA or developer was no longer able to care for or maintain the streets.  The city would not take over the streets if they were not to city specifications.  He didn’t feel that  a backup plan is necessary.  JD Mason informed James that 44’ wide streets with curb and gutter were his breaking point and would put the land up for sale.
The planning and zoning board approved the re-plat to agricultural acreage and the re-zoning of the 8 lots from R-2 to R-1.   The city commission joint portion of the meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM.