Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of City Commission

Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on January 7, 2014 at City Hall at 4:30 PM.
Present:  Lyn James, Mike Sondeland, Grace Rea, Chuck Whitney, and Bob Wiffler.  Peggy Matheson, Chuck Headley, Stacy McGee, Bill Mason, Larry Fischer, Todd Hofland, Pete Knopp, Aaron Allen, Donald Wallman, Todd Walby, Darwin Wilke, Rob Huber, and Ron Kromarek.
The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM.  Motion by Wiffler, second by Rea to approve the agenda as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.
DCB Checks: #93556 – 93574; DWB Checks: #7377 – 7402; Payroll Checks: # 16256-16290                     Voided Checks: #16258 – 16260, 16262, 16266, 16269, 16271, 16273, 16274, 16276, 16278, 16279; Salaries: $29,959.13  Bills:  Bowman Auto Parts $304.68, Bowman County Auditor $25.00, Fallon County Treasurer $1,884.75, Hawkins $333.00, Ken’s Super Value $24.47, Kevin Miller Const. $1,084.40, Newby’s Ace Hardware $16.98, NW Tire $1,874.92, Ray’s Repair Service $1,162.20, Respond Systems $52.95, S & T Plumbing $192.00, Sadowsky and Wild $380.00, Slope Electric $186.00, SW Business Machine $429.80, Trucks of Bismarck $68.84, Western Frontier Insurance $16,495.00, Bowman Glass $724.85, Mahlon Smith Repair $1,099.89, City of Bowman $4,300,000.00, Advanced Business Methods $28.98, Bowman Auto Parts $4.03, Bowman Glass $27.50, Carmel Cleaners $105.15, Consolidated Telecom $702.21, Country Media $248.44, Dakota Dust-Tex $79.90, Fallon County Treasurer $3,114.50, Farmers Union $1,223.88, Ferguson Waterworks $41.68, Fidelity Security Life $149.44, Galls Inc. $99.47, Jodi Olind $775.00, Lexis-Nexis $60.43, Lyn James $230.01, Marsha Schaff $75.00, MDU $10,280.37, Mid-States Organized Crime Center $100.00, NDLC $720.00, NW Tire $1,874.92, One Call $2.20, Postmaster $347.16, Randy’s Welding $4.10, SW District Health $108.00, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway $5,000.00, and WEX Bank $6,514.49.
 James introduced the committee consisting of James, Whitney, Mason, McGee, and Chief Headley.  She thanked them for all their time and input.  The committee reviewed the employee policy manual.  McGee presented the changes that were made by suggestion of the committee.  McGee asked the employees and commissioners if they had any suggestions or changes to this manual after her presentation; no changes were requested.  Motion by Wiffler, second by Rea to approve the employee policy manual as amended today.
RCV= all aye, MC.  Whitney thanked the committee for all their time to put this together.
Grace asked if the commissioners have made their efficiency reports on the employees, if not they need to get them completed. 
Cost of Living Increase:  McGee asked for a formal motion to approve the cost of living increase that was approved in the 2014 budget.  The increase would be added to the base salary of the employees in the amount of $75.00 a month.  It would be a 2.3% average increase.  Motion by Whitney, second by Wiffler to approve the requested cost of living increase as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.  James welcomed our new employee Rob Huber and Aaron Allen in our garbage department and Pete Knopp in the street department. 
Snow Removal:  Hofland informed the board that 150 loads of snow were hauled off of Main Street this year.  They have been busy trying to keep the roads plowed and sanded. 

6th St. Water Leak:  We repaired a water leak on 6th St. NW.  In August when a contractor was boring to put in electricity they hit the water line.  The water line was repaired, but something went wrong with the repair and it had to be repaired again. 
1st St. Water Leak:  There was a water leak in a residence basement on 1st Street.  Whitney asked about how they monitor finding water leaks.  Mason stated if the pumps run more than 8 hours, the water department is out looking for a leak. 
It’s been very quiet and he has no issues to report.  The police department has advertised and received two resumes and two verbal inquiries about the police officer position.  Headley will take his time finding the right candidate to add to the current police force. 
New Development:  Mason cancelled his presentation due to a family emergency.  The city commission will hear his presentation at a joint meeting on 1/14/14 with the planning and zoning commission.  No decisions will be made by the city at this joint meeting.
 2014 Election Guidelines:  Matheson informed the board that there are two seats open this election for the city commission, three for the park board and the municipal judge.  The election will be June 10, 2014.  Petitions to be on the ballot can be picked up at City Hall and  need to be turned in to the auditor by 4/7/14 at 4:00 pm.  City commissioners need 60 valid signatures, the municipal judge needs 45 valid signatures and the park and rec board members need 55 valid signatures.
2nd Reading of the Alcoholic Beverages Ordinances:  James read the second reading of the changes suggested for the alcohol ordinance.  Motion by Rea, second by Sondeland to approve the revised alcoholic beverages ordinance as read.  RCV= all aye, MC.
Thank you Notes and Invites:  James shared various invites and thank you notes with the commission.
Motion by Whitney, second by Wiffler to pay the bills and approve the 12/17/14 minutes.  RCV= all aye, MC.
FYI:  There will be an emergency training meeting at city hall for auditors and city commissioners on 1/16/14.  Please RSVP to Karla Germann as soon as possible so she can plan accordingly!
Motion by Rea, second by Wiffler to adjourn the meeting at 5:30 pm.  RCV = all aye, MC.