Meeting Info

City Commission Meeting Agenda


REVISED Agenda for City Commission Meeting

Tuesday, February 18, 2014   

At City Hall 5:00 PM


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.


 5:00  -  5:10 PM Call Meeting to Order, Approval of Agenda, and Commissioners Review of Bills

 5:10  -  5:30 PM Department Heads Report – Mason – Water Main Project                                          

 5:30 – 5:35 PM 2nd Reading of Zoning Ordinance 2014-1 (ZC) and Approval

 5:35  - 5:45 PM                  Lori Nohner – Introduce herself to Commission                                

 5:45 – 5:50 PM Darwin Wilke – Request Commissioner to attend Expansion Committee Mtgs.

 5:50 PM                               Developers Agreement



Approval to Sign the Dept. of Health Contract

D & J Rental Renaissance Zone Project and Windy’s Renaissance Zone Project

Request a budget for Frontier Travel Project


Close of Meeting


Approval of Bills, January 2014 Judges Report,  January 2013 Financials, and  2/4/14 minutes.


Open Forum