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Welcome to the City of Bowman Planning and Zoning web page.  This site provides access to Bowman’s Land Development Code, the Comprehensive and Transportation Plan, applications for development requests, and the agendas and minutes of the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.  Should you need any assistance with these documents, please stop by my office or call one of the numbers under the contact information at the left of this page.

Planning and Zoning Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Planning and Zoning Administrator to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of all citizens and neighborhoods of the City of Bowman through the professional administration and equitable enforcement of the City of Bowman’s zoning code and ordinances.  Similarly, it is also the Commission and Administrator’s mission to simultaneously maintain an atmosphere for business and industry to thrive by assisting developers and businesses in achieving compliance with the laws and policies adopted by the Bowman Planning and Zoning Commission, City Commission and those of the state and federal legislatures.

March 22, 2017

At the March 21, 2017 City Commission meeting, the Commission held a public hearing on the review of the final amendments to the “Land Development Code” (or more popularly known as “Chapter 6 Zoning Ordinances”).  After due consideration of the updates brought forward to the City Commission by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the final draft was unanimously approved 5-0.  The new amendments take effect immediately.  The updates include expansion of the definitions section, expansion of the uses allowed in each zoning district, the creation of new zoning districts, the inclusion of new design standards for development, and the refinement of the roles and responsibilities of city staff when implementing the Land Development Code.


Work will soon begin on the remainder of the chapters of the city’s municipal code.  Many of these chapters are out of date and need to be brought into compliance with newly passed legislation by the state of North Dakota.  The public is invited to attend all hearings related to this task.  If you have any questions, please call Bowman City Hall at 701-523-3309.


City of Bowman Zoning

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City Planning & Zoning Minutes

August 27, 2019
5:30 pm





The Bowman Planning and Zoning Commission met on August 27, 2019 at Bowman City Hall at 5:30 pm to review an application for a Conditional Use Permit for TJ Honeyman. 


Attendees:  President Ryan Shear, Chuck Headley, Dave Mosbrucker, Pastor Ed Kvalle, Drew Henderson, Teran Doerr, Warren Flath, Lyn James, Dan Peterson, Peggy Allen, Jory Reisenauer, Pam Fischer, and TJ Honeyman (representative for Next Door Pizza).


President Shear called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.   Shear asked to add agenda item:  Planning and Zoning Administrator Position. 




President Shear read Case #LDC19-003 (Next Door Pizza Subway Site) – Conditional Use Permit Application.  The applicant is requesting a conditional use permit to sell wine and beer to patron’s at the proposed pizza parlor called “Next Door Pizza.”  The site is located at 604 Highway 12 W and is more particularly described as a portion of lot 2 and lots 3 and 4 of the James Second Addition, in the City of Bowman, Bowman County, North Dakota.


                President Shear gave Honeyman the opportunity to tell the Commission and the audience what his intentions were for his proposed business. 


TJ HONEYMAN – Next Door Pizza Owner:


In October 2018, Honeyman purchased “Next Door Pizza” in Scranton and would like to have one in Bowman in the Subway building.   He wants to have a deli line for sandwiches for high school kids during the lunch hour.  He has ovens that can cook the pizza in 3 minutes.  He wants to do dine-in, about 50 seats, no lounge, no bar area, with a restaurant atmosphere.  All liquor and beer is segregated for help access.  He will have keg beer and cans of beer and not positive on the wine yet.  Will have take-out available which is 85 – 90 % of what he does in Scranton.  He feels that will always be a high percentage.  He will get delivery here in town eventually.    Occasionally will have salads, wings and appetizers.  Lucky’s Liquor is to the north and Honeyman spoke to Lucky’s Liquor and one bar in town that thinks it’s a good thing to bring people in.  He is not trying to be a bar, it’s the farthest thing from his mind.  He would put an exit on the east side as the current one on the east side goes up to the living space above.

It will be basically a carbon copy of the one he owns in Scranton, just adding a second pizza oven and a deli line to get the customers in and out fast if they need to. 

President Shear then opened the floor for public comment.



DREW HENDERSON – Windy’s Bar and Pizza Owner:

                Henderson stated he wanted to make four points in his discussion tonight.

  1. Competition is good, it will make us both better, that is not the reason he is here to voice his opinion.  He and Honeyman are friends and agree to healthy competition,
  2. Henderson feels that Honeyman’s liquor license application was incomplete because he didn’t have his drawing turned in with it.
  3. Henderson feels there are too may liquor licenses in the City.
  4. Henderson feels that the City denied Lucky’s Liquor CUP application.

Commissioner Flath said everything your talking about has nothing to do with this CUP hearing for Honeyman tonight, those complaints would go before the City Commission.

Flath did explain to Henderson how the new liquor license ordinance came to be allowing more liquor licenses and whom was on the committee.

PASTOR ED KVALLE – Assembly of God Church:

Pastor Kvalle is excited about Honeyman’s business moving in, he frequents his Scranton business, and he is not concerned about the business serving alcohol.He is concerned about what is going to take place in the neighborhood in the future so he asked the Commission to keep his neighborhood in mind as future expansion happens in his neighborhood.He feels that this a good thing.

President Shear asked for a decision from the Planning and Zoning Commission and stated what the operational conditions of approval are:

  1. Installation of any signage by the applicant requires the submittal and approval of a separate zoning permit application.
  2. No outdoor storage is permitted to the exterior of the building at any time.
  3. All employees that sell and serve alcohol shall participate in the “Responsible Beverage Service” training provided by the Police Department.
  4. There shall be no outdoor activity associated with the establishment use other than patrons parking and then entering and leaving the premises.

Motion by Flath, second by Mosbrucker to approve the Case LDC19-003 Next Door Pizza Conditional Use Permit as requested and Honeyman must conform to the notes that Cheryl Ryan made as final plan and operational conditions. All in favor, none against, motion passed.

The Commissioners reviewed the meeting minutes from the last meeting which was April 9, 2019.   Motion by Reisenauer, second by Flath to approve the April 9, 2019 meeting minutes.    All were in favor and motion passed.

Zoning Position:  President Shear explained that Cheryl Ryan gave the City Commission a letter of resignation on May 21, 2019.  She stated she would stay to finish updating the City Ordinances.  One August 26, 2019 she informed the staff she wasn’t coming back.  We are weighing options on what our next step is going to be.

President Shear adjourned the meeting at 6:00 pm.


City Planning & Zoning Agenda

March 02, 2020
5:30 pm


Ryan Shear, President of Zoning Commission

Pam Fischer, Commissioner

Warren Flath, Commissioner

Dave Mosbrucker, Commissioner

Bryan Clendenen, Commissioner

Jory Reisenhauer, Commissioner



FOR MARCH 2, 2020 AT 5:30 PM

Time certain at 5:30 p.m. in the small conference room at the

City Hall Building located at 101 First Street Northeast


Call to Order:

  1. Minutes  

Old Business:         

  1. Approve Zoning Map – Revised from Comprehensive Plan

New Business:

  1. Zoning Administrator Position
  2. Decks – No Regulations listed in the Ordinance
  3. Next Meeting:  Was scheduled for April 6, but the meeting room is rented by someone else.  Change meeting date or time?








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