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Bowman City Commission



City Commission Minutes

June 06, 2017
4:00 pm


Minutes of the Regular City Commission meeting held on June 6, 2017 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

                Present:  Lyn James, Darren Limesand, Ryan Shear, Darrell West, Myron Vail, Chuck Headley, Peggy Allen, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Cheryl Ryan, Cole Benz, and Ed Kvaale.

                Absent: None

President James called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.  Motion by West, second by Shear to approve the agenda.  RCV= all aye, MC.

                Checks: # 9939 - 9984; Payroll Checks: #103279; Direct Deposit $26,054.83; Voided Checks:  None; Salaries: $214.72; Bills: Bowman Park and Rec. $1,100.00, HR Collaborative $50.00, Art Johnson $67.50, Postmaster $366.52, A2Z Printing $148.75, Advanced Business Methods $170.97, Bowman Auto Parts $109.43, Bowman Sales and Service $32.43, Bronson’s Marketplace $23.97, Brosz Engineering $15,120.00, Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office $595.00, Catherine Hedge $800.00, City of Scranton $500.00, Consolidated Telecom $1,429.55, Country Media $850.60, Dacotah Paper $68.30, Dakota Dust-Tex $84.85, Dakota Supply Group $363.43, Fidelity Security Life $107.33, Hawkins $925.91, JK Excavating and Construction $222,865.25, Kustom Signals $527.50, McGee Mchanics Team LLC $341.46, McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office $890.00, MDU $8,702.79, MDU $452.75, ND Dept. Of Health $1,398.28, Newby’s Ace Hardware $178.85, Newman Traffic Signs $252.04, One Call Concepts $50.00, Peggy Allen $194.40, Sadowsky and Wild $400.00, Shopko $134.99, Southwest Business Machine $2.40, SW Auto Supply $30.37, Tiger Electric $100.00, USA Blue Book $40.04, Valli Info Systems $25.00, Watford City Police $295.00, Westlie Truck Center $444.82, WEX Bank $4,087.39, and Williston Police $595.00.

Tax and Tourisms Committee Check #9945, 9947, 9963, and 9964 

Tax and Tourism Committee Bills:  Badlands Classic $500.00, Bowman County Development Corporation $139.00, Little Missouri Saddle Club $100.00 and Little Spurs Rodeo $9,964.00.


                Dept. Head Report:  The Durapatcher machine is here so the crew has started working on the street patching.


                Dept. Head Report:  The Main St. water main project is going well. The concrete guys have started and are replacing curb and gutter by NW Tire now.  They will be starting concrete soon.

                There were two water leaks this weekend and the water main on 6th Avenue SW needs a section to be replaced.  Brosz and JK Excavating are working on the costs for replacement.  James said we could have a special meeting to approve the work once they have the numbers together. 

                Mason asked if the commission still wanted the boulevard sprinkler system turned on due to leaks found.  The Commission wanted the leaks fixed and the system turned on.


                Chief Headley said he would like to see an alcohol license violation reporting system policy go into effect.  The Commission felt the violations should go through the Police Commissioner first and he/she will decide if it needs to go before the Commission.  When businesses apply to renew their license, they will have a report card for the Commission to decide if they will reissue the license when these establishments have had violations or if the violation is severe enough the Police Commissioner will bring it to the Commission before renewals to decide if the license should be suspended.


Set Auditor Bond:  Allen asked to set the auditor bond by resolution in the amount of $1,929,191.00.  Motion by Limesand, second by Shear to approve auditor bond resolution 2017-B-10 in the amount of $1,929,191.00.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Approve Pledge of Assets:  Allen presented the pledge of assets from Dakota Western Bank for approval and Limesand wanted to table this because he wanted an explanation from the bank why the pledge of assets is in a pool of public entities.

Animal and Fowl Ordinance:  Allen asked for direction from the Commission on what they wanted changed for allowable pets in the city.  The commission asked for time to think about this and will come back with ideas.

2017 Safe Routes to School Grant Application:  Allen informed the commission that she received a denial letter for consideration of the 2018 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding for another safe routes to school sidewalk projectThey received over three million dollars in requests for rural projects from 25 entities.  Bowman’s project was ranked 10 out of 25 requests; there was only enough funds for the top 5 ranked projects.

Budget Amendments:  Allen presented budget amendments for approval. 

Motion by Limesand, second by Shear to approve the budget amendments as presented.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Main Street Water Main Pay Application #1:  Allen presented JK Excavating and Construction’s pay application #1 in the amount of $222,865.25.  Motion by West, second by Vail to approve pay application #1 for JK Excavating and Construction in the amount of $222,865.25. RCV= all aye, MC.

Ace Street Light Quote:   Brosz requested quotes for a street light by the Newby’s Ace Hardware/Shopko approach.  This area has been a huge safety issue because it’s hard to see the approach at night.  Brosz only received one quote from Coyle Electric in the amount of $9,834.80 with a note that Slope Electric will charge $7.00 a month fee for the electricity.  The Commission felt that since this is a huge safety issue for the public, they would expend the funds for the street light.  Motion by West, second by Shear to approve the quote from Coyle Electric in the amount of $9,834.80 for an LED street light at the Newby’s Ace Hardware/Shopko approach.  RCV = all aye, MC.


Change Meeting Date:  James needs to attend another meeting that was scheduled for June 20 and asked the commission if they wanted to change the meeting date.  Motion by Limesand, second by Vail to change the City Commission meeting from June 20 to June 21, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.


                Public Hearing for Case No. LDC17-004/Second Reading (Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance) The City of Bowman is considering moderate text changes to its alcoholic beverage ordinance, and newly proposed text that will require a conditional use permit for the sale of alcohol that will be incorporated in to the land use development code.  First reading was May 16, 2017.  The proposed changes are citywide.

                With the new liquor law, a special permit may be requested to allow children if the liquor pouring area is roped off.  After much discussion the Commission doesn’t want children in a bar.  Ryan will modify the special permit section and bring it back, therefore, tabled this 2nd reading. 

                Motion by Limesand, second by Shear to approve the bills and the 5/16/17 meeting minutes.  RCV= all aye, MC.

                Motion by West, second by Limesand to adjourn the meeting at 5:35 pm.

Minutes of the Special City Commission meeting held on June 13, 2017 at City Hall at 4:00 PM.

                Present:  Lyn James, Darren Limesand, Ryan Shear, Darrell West, Peggy Allen, Bill Mason, Todd Hofland, Cole Benz, Jon Brosz, Todd Hofland, and Aaron Allen.

                Absent: Myron Vail

President James called the special meeting to order at 4:00 pm.  Motion by West, second by Shear to approve the agenda as presented.   James noted that the agenda cannot deviate from what is listed as this is a special meeting.  RCV= all aye, MC.


Additional Water Main Replacement:  Mason told the Commission that 6th Avenue SW needs 90 feet of water main replaced, there was a water main break there on June 3 and the pipe is very pitted.  Brosz presented a change order for the Main Street water main project to include this additional work.   Items #42 and #43 on change order #1 are curb and gutter replacement by NW Tire in the amount of $13,500.00 and the cement apron by Able which was $4,032.00 for a total $17,532.00.  All the other items are for the extra water main replacement which total $14,395.00.  We can optimize on the asphalt contractor and the general contractor because they are already here.  There have been several cost savings on the contract that should cover these expenses such as there was enough recycled material so they didn’t have to use gravel which is a $22,000.00 savings and there will be a savings of $7,000 in concrete costs by the Fire Department/City Hall because they can change the curve of where the main goes. There are funds in the water building fund and curb and gutter fund that can be used if the costs should go over the estimated amount.

Motion by Limesand, second by Shear to approve change order #1 dated June 13, 2017 in the amount of $31,927.00 (contract increase) for the Main Street water main replacement project.  RCV= all aye, MC.

Boulevard Sprinkler System:  They pressured up the sprinkler system and they had two leaks by the fairgrounds well, they dug it up, cut it out and replaced it and now its leaking further north, he is unsure what is happening east and west. 

Different ideas were discussed on what to do.  It was decided to get a quote for someone to come and go through the whole system to see what it will cost to fix it.


Garbage Truck Repairs:  The 2017 and 2014 Freightliners are having hydraulic pressure issues on the compactors.  The 2017 is still under warranty and A. Allen will contact the repair company to come down and work on the trucks.  The 2008 Volvo garbage truck is having pump issues.  The 2005 International garbage truck has oil leaks; they use it for a backup garbage truck and use it for hauling grass to the local landfill.  A. Allen said he will look at the list of needed repairs and get quotes for repair and come back with the costs for repairs.  There will probably be mileage charges for the technician to come to Bowman. 

Garbage Service Pickup:  Shear told the Commission that the Ford F150 garbage pickup transmission went out of the truck, there is no reverse.  A. Allen said that it would cost approximately $3,600 for a rebuilt transmission.  Shear said when the last repairs were made; they agreed to not invest any more money into this pickup.  Commissioner Shear went to Bowman Sales and Service and got a fleet truck quote and it would make more sense to order a new fleet discounted truck because there was only $1,000.00 difference in price between a fleet truck and a used truck they have on the Bowman Sales and Service lot.  The order deadline for a 2017 Ford F250 regular cab fleet truck is 6/15/17 and it could take between 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.  There was discussion that since it was so close to the ordering deadline we may have to get the 2018 model.  Shear will check into getting a flatbed to put on the back of the pick-up and the tip box will be mounted on the flatbed.  Motion by West, second by Shear to approve up to $29,000.00 for a new 2017 or 2018 Ford F250 pickup for a garbage truck, depending on which model we can get.  RCV= all aye, MC.

What are we going to do with the old pickup?  Shear will ask Bowman Sales and Service if they are interested in it as a trade in.  Motion by Limesand, second by West to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 pm.  RCV= all aye, MC.



City Commission Meeting Agenda

June 21, 2017


June 21, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Bowman City Hall, 101 1st St. NE


*Agenda Policy*:  The City follows a strict agenda policy in order to insure transparency to the citizens of Bowman.  NO topics will be discussed that are not on the agenda unless said topic constitutes an emergency action.


 4:00  -  4:30 PM                 Call Meeting to Order and Approval of Agenda

                                                Commissioners Review of Bills

                                                Dept. Head Reports/Engineering (McGee, Mason, Hofland, Headley, and  Brosz)             

 4:30 -  4:45 PM                  Zac Eslinger – Stop sign request or speed bump by residence (school traffic)      

   4:45 -  4:50 PM                  Jean Nudell – Request Pioneer Trails Museum 2017 Budgeted Funds

   4:50 -  5:00 PM                  Emily Bostyan – Chamber of Commerce Request Alcohol in the Park      


Approval of Funds for Garbage Truck Flat Bed


Transfers and Budget Amendments for Garbage Truck Purchase

Cenex Regional Card Program

Cash Adjustment in Accounting Software for $37.00

Burn Ban

Open Forum

Close of Meeting

  • Approval of Bills, 6/6/17 Regular Meeting Minutes, 6/13/17 Special Meeting Minutes, and May 2017 Financials.   
  • Next Meeting Date:   7/6/17 Thursday (date change)
  • Adjournment of Meeting

City Commission Meeting

The Bowman City Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 PM at City Hall. To be placed on the City Agenda, please contact the City Financial Auditor, Peggy Allen at (701) 523-3309.


2015 City Commission Meeting Dates
*Meetings start at 4:00 PM at City Hall, unless otherwise stated!

January 6
January 20*

February 3
February 17*

March 3
March 24**

April 2** 
April 23** Equalization Meeting at 8:00 AM
April 23**

May 5
May 19

June 2
June 16

July 7
July 21

August 4
August 18

September 1
September 15

October 6
October 20

November 3
November 17

December 1
December 15


* Meeting falls the day after a holiday, therefore agenda requests must be in the City Auditors Office by the Friday before the meeting at 11:00 am.   

**  The regular scheduled meeting was changed to the listed date due to a conflict.

Lyn James

President of the City Commission

Lyn James is co-owner of Flowers and Cappuccino by Lasting Visions in Bowman, ND.  She is committed to her community and is currently serving her third term as President of the Bowman City Commission, after serving two terms as a City Commissioner. 

Lyn also serves on the Bowman County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, as well as several other local and regional boards and committees.  She proudly represents North Dakota as a member of the ND Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, as a member of the ND Energy Impact and Infrastructure Advisory Committee, and as a Director on the ND Economic Development Foundation Board.  Lyn has been the Queen Coordinator for the ND High School Rodeo Association for the past 22 years.  She is a member of St. Charles Catholic Church, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce and Bowman Rotary Club.  Lyn is the past President of the ND League of Cities Executive Board, and served as a member of the Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, along with various other local and regional boards, committees and advisory positions. 

Lyn and her husband Gordon have two daughters, a son-in-law and three grandchildren.

Darren Limesand


Ryan Shear

Street & Garbage Commissioner

Ryan Shear was born and raised in Bowman. He moved to Redmond, OR in 2006 and graduated from Redmond High School Global Academy in 2008.   He then moved back to Bowman, and while working; did online courses with Rasmussen College for Criminal Justice. Currently, he is the manager at Professional Auto Body LLC and High Plains Glass & Towing. Ryan is married to Danielle Shear and they have three children: Isaiah, Isabella, & Elijah. Ryan is very community minded and cares deeply about the present and future of Bowman.

During Ryan’s off time, he volunteers for Bowman Ambulance as an EMR. He has been a part of the squad since 2009. He is a representative for the City Commission on the City Planning & Zoning Board, County Zoning Board, & The Bowman Renaissance Zone Authority. Ryan also likes to spend his free time traveling and spending quality time with his family. 

Darrell West

Police Commissioner


Darrell was born and raised in the Bowman area.  He graduated from Bowman High School and was honorably discharged from the ND National Guard.  He is married to Jessica West and they have six children:  Alexia, Addam, Quade, Mark, David and William.  He has achieved an AAS degree in Law Enforcement Technology and is currently the Bowman City Police Commissioner. 

During Darrell's time off he volunteers with the Bowman County Emergency Operations Center and is a Public Health Emergency Volunteer/Medical Reserves Corp with the ND Dept. of Health.  He is a member of the Southwest Disaster Behavioral Health Coalition as well as a member of the Bowman County Rural Ambulance District Board. Darrell currently works as a full time Advanced EMT with the Bowman County Rural Ambulance District and is the Safety/Decon Officer for Southwest Healthcare Services.