Meeting Info

February 17, 2014 Minutes

Membership Meeting

February 17, 2014

Minutes-Golf Course


Present: Christ & Amanda Johnson, Dave & Tana Smolnikar, Josh Lindstrom, Melissa Eslinger, Nate Lee, Brice Martin, Pam Nester, Duane Lutes, Lori Nohner, Doyle & Julie Kruger, Don Groll, Emily Bostyan, Cathy Hedge (Secretary)


Johnson called the meeting to order.


Meeting Minutes: A motion was made by Josh Lindstrom to approve the January 20, 2014 meeting minutes. Dave Smolnikar 2nd AIF MC


Treasurer's Report: Hedge gave an update on the financials. In the checking account the funds are $27,402.92 and the Savings is $2,832.14. A motion was made by Dave Smolnikar to approval the Treasurers Report as presented. Josh Lindstrom 2nd AIF MC


New Business


New Businesses: Verizon Wireless, Spirit Lifeline


New Officers: Chris Johnson is the President and Emily Bostyan is the Vice President..


New Board Member: Scott Lardy has resigned from the board. Nate Lee was asked and has accepted the available board position.


Open Forum: Welcome Lori Nohner the new director of the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum


A motion was made by Tana Smolnikar to adjourn. Nate Lee 2nd AIF MC