Meeting Info

March 17, 2014 Minutes

Membership Meeting

March 17, 2014

Minutes-Golf Course




Present: Christ & Amanda Johnson, George Armbrust, Shawn Orcutt, Greg Wolf, Dave Smolnikar, Dan Peterson, Chanell Walby, Ryanna Turbiville, Josh Lindstrom, Nate Lee, Bryce Martin, Jud Seaman, Melissa Eslinger, Kevin & Debbie Bucholz, Lyn James, Teran Doerr, Pam Nester, Sarah Snavely, Cathy Hedge (Secretary)


Johnson called the meeting to order.


Meeting Minutes: A motion was made by George Armbrust to approve the February 17, 2014 meeting minutes. Shawn Orcutt 2nd AIF MC


Treasurer's Report: Hedge gave an update on the financials. In the checking account the funds are $36,500.92 and the Savings is $2,832.14. A motion was made by Lyn James to approval the Treasurers Report as presented. Dan Peterson 2nd AIF MC


New Business


New Businesses: Turbiville Photography & Windys Bar & Grill


Membership Survey: The board is currently working on a survey that will be sent out to the membership. Please take the time to fill it out. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Airport Letter: Lindstrom made a motion for the Chamber to send a letter for the Airport Authority. Dave Smolnikar 2nd AIF MC


A motion was made by George Armbrust to adjourn. Dave Smolnikar 2nd AIF MC